We are convinced that good management saves time and money. At PHIN, we understand the goals of our Customers and the conditions in which they operate. We recommend optimum solutions, mitigate risks, provide support, and achieve the set objectives.

We specialise in support for investment projects. We provide professional, comprehensive services for entities from the public finance sector and for private companies.

If you are looking for an investor’s representative, a contract engineer, a project manager or investor’s supervision or if you need to settle your projects in terms of finances, we are here to help you!

Investor’s representative

We manage each stage of the investment implementation process on behalf of investors. We make the preparations. We supervise the implementation. We attend to the acceptance activities. We settle investments and participate in the post-investment process.

Preparation stage

  • We verify design documentation and issue appropriate recommendations and opinions.
  • We assess the economic aspects of adopted technical solutions.
  • We advise on the selection of the best way to carry out the works.
  • We prepare the terms of reference and contract templates.
  • We conduct procedures for the selection of contractors.
  • We provide the assistance of the required construction site inspectors.
  • We develop a construction process management system.

Implementation stage

  • We supervise the works on an ongoing basis, representing the Investor at the construction site.
  • We organise construction site meetings, draw up meeting minutes, control the Site Logbook.
  • We monitor the progress of the works, update the schedule, control the way in which tasks are completed.
  • We monitor the quality of materials.
  • We report on the progress and the quality of completed works.
  • We perform milestone acceptances of works.
  • We control the financial settlements.
  • We make arrangements with the competent authorities and offices.

Completion and the post-investment process

  • We perform the necessary acceptance activities and obtain an occupancy permit.
  • We check and settle the investment in terms of finances.
  • In the case of investments co-financed from external sources, we ensure comprehensive service with regard to reporting and the settlement of the received funds.
  • We ensure supervision throughout the terms of guarantees and warranties on the removal of faults and defects.
  • We conduct semi-annual, annual, and five-year guarantee inspections.
Project manager, contract engineer

Our presence in the investment project guarantees that the investment will be completed in accordance with the contractual terms and that the external co-financing will be settled in a smooth and reliable manner.

We manage investments carried out according to the following formulas:

  • Design-build
  • Cost estimate settlement
  • Flat-rate settlement
  • FIDIC Conditions of Contracts

The range of activities undertaken for our Customers includes:

  • Management of the construction process.
  • Organisation of coordination meetings.
  • Assessment of the design documentation and service of the author’s supervision.
  • Employment of the required construction site inspectors.
  • Verification of schedules and ongoing monitoring of investment costs.
  • Performance of the necessary acceptance activities.
  • Checking and settling the investment in terms of finances.
  • Advice and settlement with regard to received external co-financing.
  • Controlling compliance with EU procedures and attending to all formalities in this respect.

As part of our contracts, we have completed a number of projects in which the PHIN Company acted as Project Manager or Contract Engineer. Those were in particular investments co-financed from European Union funds. We offer considerable experience in managing projects related to infrastructure investments, e.g.: waterworks, sewage systems, roads, and building construction, as well as revitalisation of historic objects and surface works, e.g. restoration of parks.

Our experts are at your disposal. We are always ready to support the Investor at every stage of investment implementation. We continuously maintain the business relationships established during the performance of our previous contract.

Investor's supervision

Under Investor’s Supervision, we provide:

  • representation of the Investor at the construction site in accordance with the Construction Law Act,
  • organisation of coordination meetings,
  • employment of the required construction site inspectors (also with experience of historic buildings),
  • partial acceptances and the final acceptance,
  • settlement of the investment.

We employ specialists in various fields, including designers, engineers, persons with experience in obtaining external funds and settling the received funds, and Public Procurement Law specialists. Each investor can use our knowledge and experience to solve problems in these areas.

Our portfolio includes completed investments in the areas of:

  • water and sewage management: the construction of waterworks, sewage systems, sewage treatment plants, household treatment plants,
  • buildings: the construction of halls, revitalisation of historic structures, thermo-modernisation of buildings,
  • roads: road construction, extension, modification, the construction of transport networks,
  • surfaces: sports grounds, market places, revitalisation of parks, development of infrastructure in investment areas.
Financial settlement of projects

We settle investments co-financed from external funds. We have many years of experience in settling funds from Regional Operational Programmes, the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Programme, the Operational Programme Innovative Economy, Provincial Funds for Environmental Protection and Water Management, the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, and the Rural Development Programme.

We offer:

  • coordination of project implementation,
  • preparation of the necessary explanations for the intermediate institution,
  • consultancy on procedures necessary for the correct implementation and settlement of the project,
  • preparation and conduct of promotional activities,
  • advice and control with regard to accounting for expenses,
  • assistance in preparing documentation and supervision over the procedure for selecting contractors and suppliers for the project,
  • preparation of reporting requests and payment requests,
  • preparation of annexes to co-financing agreements.

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