Audit of sales departments

Questions answered by a sales audit:

  • Do the unsatisfactory sales results stem from low effectiveness of the sales department or from other circumstances? What circumstances?
  • How can salespeople work more effectively?
  • What is the effectiveness in attracting customers?
  • Are the target markets correctly identified and penetrated?
  • What is the share of chance in the work of the salespeople?
  • Can the salespeople precisely describe customer expectations and focus on them, ensuring appropriate service?
  • How is agreement with customers reached?
  • How do the salespeople deal with customers’ objections and questions?
  • The salespeople’s soft skills – are they their strength or an obstacle in effective performance?
  • Do the motivation system and the development path work effectively?
  • Do the salespeople perceive customers as potential long-term partners?
  • What kind of support do the salespeople need?

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As part of the audit, we conduct a performance analysis for the company’s sales activities:

  • Adaptation of the sales process phases to the purchase cycle of the customer, with suggestions for changes;
  • Assessment of the adaptation of the CRM system to the sales process and suggestions for ways of its further adjustment to the company’s needs;
  • Assessment of the salespeople’s work (also in their everyday work evinronment, during commercial meetings, telephone calls to customers, building of the customer base) and competences;
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of the adopted marketing strategy.

An analysis carried out by a person having no links with the company reveals many irregularities that have been invisible to the company’s management.

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