We offer comprehensive support for your project:

  1. Consultancy on the selection of an appropriate form of support, analysis of the needs, expectations, and support options – from the idea to the project
  2. Searching for partners, establishment of consortia.
  3. Assistance in determining the scope of the project.
  4. Preparation of contest application documents:
    • preparation of the co-funding application together with any appendixes, including a business plan and/or a feasibility study,
    • substantive service of a project under evaluation (provision of explanations in the case of additional questions from the institution assessing the co-financing application),
    • preparation of documents for the purpose of signing a project co-financing agreement.
  1. Market Economy Investor Principle.
  2. Preparation of design audits, internationalisation strategies, market analyses, and competition analyses.
  3. Advice on the development of a research agenda.
  4. Comprehensive supervision over project implementation:
    • supervision and coordination of activities,
    • financial settlement of the project,
    • archiving documents,
    • ongoing monitoring of activities,
    • final settlement and closure of the project,
    • project evaluation (on-going, mid-term, ex-post) – a report summarising the project.
  5. Audit and evaluation for all project types
    • Ex-ante – before project implementation
    • Mid-term/on-going – during project implementation
    • Ex-post – after project implementation

What makes us special?

  • more than 10 years of experience in managing European projects on a regional, national, and international level
  • the application of international standards in project management. Our staff holds the PRINCE 2 certificate.
  • initiation of scientific and industrial consortia by establishing links between business partners and the sector of higher-education institutions and research institutes
  • support in the commercialisation of the results of research and development works
  • comprehensive services – we support our Partners all the way from the idea to the completion of the project/investment

Łukasz Lis
tel. 604 163 896

Grzegorz Kawałek
tel. 604 938 901

Mateusz Marciszko
tel. 604 938 710