‘An innovative installation of a chemical heat pump allowing for obtaining high-efficiency heating medium through energy recovery from low temperature waste heat stream’

Chemat Sp. z o.o.PLN 8 323 926,48

„Replacement of equipment and purchase of modern equipment for the Centre for Diagnostics and Laser Therapy of Lodz University of Technology Foundation”

Lodz University of Technology FoundationPLN 467 130,25

A comprehensive organisation and service of the International Economic Forum and a study visit of journalists – 200 participants

The municipality of Zduńska WolaPLN 177 275,00

‘Development of the Research and Development Centre in BRENEN POLSKA HENRYK WŁODARCZYK company’

Brenen Polska Henryk WłodarczykPLN 19 711 365,00

‘Creation of the Research and Development Centre of Medicofarma S.A. company’

Medicofarma S.A.PLN 14 018 369,87

The 5th European Bioeconomy Congress  – 750 participants

The Marshal Office of the Lodz VoivodeshipPLN 362 741,61

‘Reconstruction and modernisation of apparatus equipment of Ward Units No. I, IV, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII of the Paediatric Facility of the Central Clinical Hospital of the Medical University of Lodz’

Independent Public Healthcare Centre – Central Clinical Hospital of the Medical University of LodzPLN 27 809 434,54

‘Comprehensive development of utility infrastructure in investment terrains in the commune of Sulechów included in the KSSSE sub-zone’

Commune of SulechówPLN 2 380 834,85

‘Interdisciplinary Research and Development Centre for Advanced Materials and Smart Management Systems in the Construction Industry 2020+ of the Lodz University of Technology’

Politechnika ŁódzkaPLN 6 775 812,01

The Children’s Day in Uniejów – 2500 participants

Stowarzyszenie Innowatorów Wsi `{`“The Rural Innovators Association”`}`PLN 236 325,20

’Increase of the level of competitiveness of Sensilab company trough launching production of enteric coatings  with new functional properties for pills’

Sensilab Polska Sp. z o.o. – S.K.A.PLN 1 808 400,00

‘Construction of a photovoltaic plant with the power of 0.6 MW in Porszewice’

WŁODAN Andrzej Włodarczyk Spółka JawnaPLN 2 241 100,40

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