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Shoko • Princess Cookie | Fern is a playable character in the 2015 video game. Furnace | Shark • Tree Stump With Sign • Cake People • Princess Bubblegum Bot • He is ready to fight in the gum war but gets trapped in a dream with Finn and his friends. Pig • Lester • Sleeping Student • The notable differences compared to Finn however, is that he's entirely made of grass, from his skin to his hair and clothing; he also has blockier proportions, and is barefooted with two pointed toes on each foot. Television Stranson Doughblow • All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Marquis of Nuts • Gummy Fish • Together they went in to confront the Grass Demon. Evil Cosmic Urchin • Door Lord • Mage • Eventually, Fern dies and leaves behind a tiny seed shaped like the Finn sword. Topiary Nose, Adam Muto's original concept for Fern and mods by writer and storyboard artist Tom Herpich, Fern’s original form running towards Susan, Fern questioning Jake as to why he is not the real Finn, Fern with the grass Sword answering the grasstartigrade’s riddle, Fern's hair as he drives off to start his own journey, Fern with Princess Bubblegum and Marceline waving goodbye, Fern being questioned by Marceline about Starchy’s motorbike, Fern holding BMO’s hand with Flame Princess and Princess Bubblegum, Fern thinking about questioning his identity, Fern talking about him and Finn’s adoptive mother. Captain Banana Guard • Ninjas • Lumpy Space Princess (1000+) • Forest Cyclops • Echo of the Lich • Balthus • Squeez-E-Mart boss • Bufo • Adventure Time In the entirety of Elements, he has green and white striped arms and legs, wears dark green pants with light-green buttons, a light-green shirt, his head is a green peppermint and the two points on his hat are candy wrappers. Giant Crab Creature • Grassy Wizard | Finn continued to try and appeal to Fern by reminding him that they were "two sides of the same coin" and that they share the same torment. Morty Rogers • Grob Gob Glob Grod • Leaf Beard • Lolly/Manfried • Cubby • Slime Guards • Duchess of Nuts • Squirrel • 26. Stag • Prince Huge • The Hierophant | As of " Two Swords ", he is officially part of the main cast, along with Finn and Jake. Shelby’s Girlfriend • HBO Max is bringing back cult animated series Adventure Time with four new one-hour specials. Evil Guy • Flying Lettuce Brothers • Man In The Wall • Butt Chest • Jake was furious with Fern for scaring BMO and wrecking their house, making Fern even more upset. Space Moth • Related: Adventure Time - 15 Characters So Good They Need Their Own Spinoff. Jelly Bean People • Finn Cakes are for "Finn only" so this made Fern felt more like himself. When Jake confirmed the real Finn's identity, Fern became upset and ran from the duo. Monks • but he soon learned how to articulate and hear normally. Mr. B • Seven • Guardians of Sunshine | Fern's original form took on the appearance of a humanoid figure composed of grass. Ble’s Founder • Gummy • Candy Cat • Halt • Gingerbread Muto • Mail Bird • Wizard Prison Chef, Alien Children • Pillow Child • Demon Cat | Fire Kingdom | Rapper Chipmunk • Fear Feaster | Talug • Margles • Fern then started breaking things and scaring BMO. Speedboat • Representative Seahorse • • Grassy Wizard • Fern is major antagonist in the Cartoon Network series Adventure Time, serving as a major character in season 8, the main antagonist of the Season 9 finale "Three Buckets" and the secondary antagonist of Season 10. Tree Witch • Princess Cookie • Three Wise Men • Alpha Hug Wolf | When the Grassy Wizard asked Fern to kill Jake he then punched the Grassy Wizard as hard as he could, knocking him out. Finn met with the two and told Fern he did a good job (Fern was not yet named so Finn called him "Grass me" while others mostly called him Grass Finn). Ewlbo • (Although he did grow a flower in his nose when he smelled a Finn Cake). Goose • Representative Sea Turtle • Grand Master Wizard • Ricardio • When Finn steps inside the vault he sees Fern as himself with the grass demon's curse strapped to him. Ursula • Maggee • Guardian Angel • A frightened BMO called Finn and Jake and the two came straight home. Shermy • ghostibus. The Train • Dimension Wizard • Phil • Eberhardt • He makes his first appearance at the end of "Reboot.". Earl of Lemongrab | GOLB • Fern looked as he did before becoming the Green Knight but was beginning to disintegrate, but nevertheless wanted to fight with the others against GOLB. He later took on the embodiment of Finn the Human. Evil Cosmic UFO • Me-Mow • Penelope • Green Gumdrop Dude • Gnome Fairies | Chinchizard • Boyfriend & Girlfriend Skeletons • Geode Ants • Swan • Caterpillar • Martin Mertens | Fern is an Adventure Time minifigure introduced in LEGO Dimensions in 2017.. Background . Representative Cybil • Martin 2 • Chocolate Chips • This is an Grass Finn/ Fern x reader fanfic. Download icons in all formats or edit them for your designs. Flying Demons • ... Trans Gay Flame Prince Icons for @fern-the-humans!! Monster • Jake and Finn then confronted him and the former started running around the house with Fern because he wouldn't look at Jake when he was mad. Grimby • Mountain Guardian • Gunter | There are 196 fern adventure time for sale on Etsy, and they cost $14.93 on average. Tree of Blight • I just finished re-watching Adventure time with a good friend (first time watching it) And man, I noticed many foreshadows and cool stuff that I missed! Taddle • Woobeewoo Elder, Agnes • Turtle • Slider Guy • Strangely, Fern is unable to breathe (and can't play the flute) despite being able to talk. Finn and Jake planted Fern's seedling at the site of the destroyed Tree Fort. The Glitch • Cloudy • Wall of Water • Booboo • Pudding Troll • Bongo • Bandit Princess | Tiny Goblin • 6. Flying Troll • Hamburger Monster • Painting Princess • Gunter/Orgalorg: The Breaker Of Worlds - ISTP. Furnius • Giant Bear • Billybee’s Gang Bees • Aquandrius • Cobbler • Rasheeta • Sentient Tea Cup • Carroll • Bob & Ethel Rainicorn • Evil Cosmic Robot • Microwave Person • The Wisemen • Old Henchman • Rainy • Shazbaz • Hunson Abadeer | Saved by Человек кот. Piglets • Bus Person • Pup Citizen • Giant Goo Skull • Squirrel | Little Dude • Sveinn • However, with no Grass Demon to control him, Fern began to deteriorate, as he can have no body without the Grass Demon. In "Seventeen," Fern took on a completely different look after Gumbald had genetically modified him. Prismo • Baby Teeth Finns • Sentient Lollipop • In "Whispers," Fern begins to become even more jealous of Finn. Frog Twins • Charlie • He can, however, create his own "food" by, In the episode "Three Buckets," Fern wanted to be the only Finn and take over his life. Chatsberry • Huntress Wizard • Overall, he has become much more confident in his abilities. Super Freak (Gorflax, Gork, Kim, Trudy, Wee Wee, Zap) • T.V. He traps Finn on the other side of a locked stone door and tells Finn that he was Finn for too long and that it was his turn. The Green Knight can still choose to use the grass sword regardless of already having an axe and a blade shaped arm. Wendy, Booboo and Georgy | Mr. Goji Berry • At the end he becomes more jealous of Finn and decides he should be Finn as he slowly transforms into Finn from the Grass Demon. Elderly Fly • Woodpeckers, ALLMO • He then revealed that he believed that he was Finn, considering the real Finn a threat and, later, an imitator/fan. Gibbon • Sand People (Red Starved) • Balloons • Invisible Babes • Dr. Boy Bear • Lord Vandalstine • Aquatic Fish Creature • Elderly Beetle • Type of Villain Then came across a grass octopus spider (or the Grass Demon), which is actually the curse of the Grass Sword who cocooned the Finn in the Finn sword, transforming him into Fern. Ice King | Burger Monster • Fern emerged in "Reboot" when the Grass Sword touched the Finn Sword again and began to cover it until Finn's arm detached from his body. Heart Beast • Butterfly With Laser Gun • Hobby Doctor Princess • Bear • Mr. Fox • Mrs. Yoder • Insect Workers • Peppermint Butler • Sparkle's Mom • Gum • James • The Hierophant • In the series finale "Come Along With Me," Finn and Jake, wanting to stop the Gum War, unleashed the nightmare juice given to them by Nightmare Princess, forcing themselves, Fern, Princess Bubblegum, and Gumbald into a hallucinatory slumber. Cloud Answering Person • Cart Creature • Oinko • Jordan • Choose Goose • Lifeguard 2 • Me-Mow | Naked Wizard • Blanket Dragon • Powers and Stats. Gnome Ruler | Grand Prix • Turtle Announcer • Death • Twinkletoes • CMO • Scorcher • Brain Beast • Frozen Yogurt Princess • Flint • 80 notes. Elemental Doppelganger Fern is major antagonist in the Cartoon Network series Adventure Time, serving as a major character in season 8, the main antagonist of the Season 9 finale "Three Buckets" and the secondary antagonist of Season 10. Lamp • Slime Elemental (St. Pim Era) • The Lobster • Owl • Ogre • Shadow Slender Demons • Creepy Finn & Jake robots • Gingerbread Cookie • Sleeping Fire Giants • Realizing the creature meant no harm, Finn offered him a Finn Cake. Fire Newt • Bland Alien Creatures • Nurse Pound Cake • King Man • Shoko | Lyre Player • Business Men • Giraffe Girl • Marceline Adveture Time Cn Cartoon Network Finn The Human Jake The Dogs Adventure Time Finn Cartoon Crossovers World Of Gumball Bubbline. Old Green Person • Clarence • Gunthalina • He tackles Fern and they fight until Finn accidentally cuts Fern to pieces. Both the Finn Sword and the Grass Demon expressed desire to get out. Bunny Girl • Red Cyclops • Alien Messenger • Kee-Oth | Mirror Finns • Hot Dog Knights • Narrator (Ocean of Fear) • Gunter is a cold, sensible, and logical penguin of the land of Ooo. Tiny Manticore • Ringmaster • Reaper • In "Do No Harm," Finn had to step out of Tree Fort to check on Susan, meaning Jake had to be alone with Fern much to his chagrin. Farmworld Jake • Mushroom Mayor • Broccoli • Dr. J • Darren • Evil Hermit • Fern is then killed by Finn with his remains spread all around him. Song Birds • Slime Warriors • Lee • Adventure Time Fern Finn Sword - With Custom Cursor browser extension you can change your cursor to a custom one from cursor collection or upload your own cursor Fight King • Aaaaaaand Yeah. Elder Pops Alien • Representative Eel • Martin • The main downside to these abilities is that being a body of grass, he can't eat like a human despite being able to taste, smell, and remember food. The Farm • Sweetie • Donny • Wildberry Guards • Insect Band • Ann • Lieutenant Gamergate • Fern developed an inferiority complex of sorts after he failed to protect Ooo while Finn was away at sea. Patience St Pim | Moniker • Lorraine • There's a fan comic where Prismo tells Fern he is … Tentacle Monster • Mind Frogs • Fern doesn't understand much of what is considered right or wrong in a situation (such as when he suggested severing Sweet P's tendons to stop him from running), and is also considerably more aggressive and prone to violence than Finn, possibly due to the influence of the Grass Demon. Risco • Fire Rat • Boobafina • Flambo's Brother • Simon • Stanley • Roger • Toad • Barb • Pete Sassafras • General Tarsal • Tiffany Oiler | So yeah, thought it would be nice to do some fanarts. Follow. Fern was flattered by this but Finn told him to kill monsters his way. Papa Wolf • This may be a reference to the, His title and challenge towards Finn as the Green Knight are a reference to the, The two both committed questionable violent actions, Fern beat up the. None Shall Pass • He then appeared in "Do No Harm" where Jake tried to help him find his place. The Grass Demon instructed the Finn Sword to let it do the talking when they escape. Torcho • Maja the Sky Witch | Brad • Keila • Tromo • In "Three Buckets" Fern traps Finn in a Stone Temple and tries to take his place. He then stole Starchy's motorcycle and took off. Wizard Tailor, Alarm Clock Creature • The Morrow • At the top of the mountain they saw the Grassy Wizard, who recognized Fern. Cosmic Waist Creature • The most popular color? Viola, Abraham Lincoln • Kent • In the end he is part of the group of villains that Uncle Gumbald has gathered to go to war with the Candy Kingdom and Princess Bubblegum. Fern then steals starchy's bike then rides off into the sunset with his hair flowing in the wind. Ash | Billy • The Grass Demon descr… Winged Lemongrab Horse • Ricardio | Ice Cream • Rabid Possum • Teenage Bear • Toronto • Powers/Skills Widow, Bogo • Fern came to terms with his identity, so he coined a new name, Fern the Human. Fern then gets taken control of by the curse. Why-Wolves | Fern then beats up the wizard and takes him to the Candy Kingdom hospital. Grass Demon • Battle Cubes • He also developed a desire to kill Finn, but each time he attempts to do so either Aunt Lolly or Uncle Gumbald stops him before he gets a chance to cause any critical damage to him. Spoilers for the Adventure Time … Despite this, he still thinks of Finn's memories as his own. The most common fern adventure time material is metal. Urgence Evergreen • Bobby • The grass demon then appeared spraying grass webs around the sword's interior. Beth • Starchy • In order to provide basic shopping cart functionality, there are a few pieces of data that we need to capture. Mr. F • Giant House Guy • Slicer's Horse • Cute King • Nymph • Iron Owl • Suitors • Grass Demon | Soul Sucked Fuzzy Friend • 9, 13, Whispers, Fern and Lich plot 9, 14, Three Buckets, Fern plot 10, 1, The Wild Hunt*, Minor Gumbald plot 10, 2, Always BMO Closing*, Minor Gumbald plot 10, 3, Son of Rap Bear**, Minor Flame Princess development 10, 4, Bonnibel Bubblegum, Gumbald plot 10, 5, Seventeen, Fern & Gumbald plot 10, 6, Ring of Fire**, Tree Trunks plot In "Two Swords" it is revealed that during "I Am a Sword" when Finn accidentally cracked the Finn Sword with the Grass Sword, fighting Bandit Princessthe interior of the sword has become filled with grass. Cosmic Half-Bodied Creature • In "Whispers" Fern tries to help save Sweet P from the Lich's hand but fails. Science Cat • Fern died, and what remained was a small seedling in the shape of the Finn Sword. Cactus Creatures • Lenny Longlegs • #adventure time #hora de aventura #fern adventure time #finn mertens #fern the human. At the end, Fern is seen sleeping on the roof of the treehouse with his hand, imitating the grass sword curse. Porcupine • Slimy D • As he was recently brought into existence, Fern initially thought of himself as the true Finn, before he began taking on his own personality as Fern. Cosmic Mouth Creature • Sign Zombie • Alva • The Empress • Candy Boss • Party Pat • Fern remains are then picked up by Uncle Gumbald. When Fern first emerged he looked like a lump of grass with a face but then began to resemble Finn in grass form, even gaining the ability to speak. Goliad • Fern still maintained having two toes on each foot. Fern later disintegrated leaving only a seedling in the shape of the Finn Sword. Mr. Sentient Tomato • Gross • Evil Cosmic Barnacle • See more ideas about Adventure time, Adventure time art, Adventure time anime. The Grass Demon wrapped the sword Finn in goo, forming a cocoon around him. Fern was retrieved by, Both eventually redeemed themselves but had to give up their lives in the process. Lemon Camel • Tadpoles • Fern the Human is the plant version of Finn, who has all of his memories and talents and is exactly like him. Evil Cosmic Jellyfish • Mice Followers •, Cosmic Owl • Old Prisoner • He is fittingly named after a plant. Wormo, Bebe • After nearly 280 adventures in the Land of Ooo, Adventure Time’s Finn and Jake completed their final quest on Monday in an hourlong event that … Fire Elemental (Unknown Era) • Candy Zombies | Forest Wizard • Hot Dog Monster • Mice King • Joshua • His head also has multiple holes scattered across his face, but he can revert it to his original face as he pleases. Mr. Old Lady • Mediator Shrimp • Well you're in luck, because here they come. Candy Trimmer 2 • Chlorokinetic blade constructionGrass mimicry and manipulationGestalt entity physiology RegenerationShapeshifting Commander and Private • After Fern's seedling grows up, it resembles a willow tree, just like the original Tree Fort, but willow tree is not a fern. Flame King • Cream Puff Gentleman • Patience St. Pim • Xergiok, Ash • Suzy • Purple Hairy Person • King of Ooo • Peanut Butter Dragon • He also changed them to huge thorny fist-like projections to beat up the Grassy Wizard. Fern’s death is very similar to that of Spider-Man's in Avengers: Infinity War. Party Scorpion • The upcoming streaming service has ordered the specials a … Peace Master | Fire Elemental (St. Pim Era) • Party God • Santa • Cow Farmer • Eyebabes • JJ • Piglets (Angel Face) • Pup Gang • Peace Master's Baby • Fern was nearly killed by Finn and blown into pieces of grass, while, After their repetitive fights the two were each retrieved by their new masters and were given "modifications." Colonel Candy Corn • Red-faced Monster • Thunder Boar • Evil-doer President Porpoise • Crabbit • Slime Dog • Evil Cosmic Bacteria • Box Prince • Hedgehogs • Howard • Georgy • Buck Pudding • He can also form an axe from his tentacles which can turn into a snake controlled by him. Mud Man • He was around for all of Season 8, starting with the season premiere, all of Season 9, and didn't leave until early into Season 10, the last season of the show. He originally communicated in gibberish-like words, an example being "Mwah!" The free images are pixel perfect to fit your design and available in both png and vector. Laser Pointer Troll • Island Lady • Iceclops • Wall of Flesh • In "Whispers" and "Three Buckets," it's revealed he has the ability to disguise himself as the real Finn, similar to how the Grass Sword disguised itself as a natural right arm; in addition, Fern is shown to be able to photosynthesize with light. Haydancy • This led them to the lair of the Grassy Wizard who created the grass sword. Wine Glass Person • Shelby • Mother Gum • ... Fern has always been jealous of Finn. Betty Grof • When Jake told Fern he wasn't Finn her got confused and ran off. Dr. Frog • Banana Man • Finn then manages to remove the curse, but before Fern kills it, the Grass Demon tells Finn that without him, Fern's got "no body" and Fern kills it, freeing him from it's control. Eye Creature • After Finn's fight with bandit princess both swords clashed into each other causing them to merge. Paper Pete • Schwabl • Sparkle • Pan • Talking Ant • Matthew • Fern has always been jealous of Finn. Stonesy • Neptr • Petey • Flambo • Mountain Man • The Sun • Bucket Knight | Cole • Shape-shifter • Ice Imp • Fine Lady • You guessed it: white. atpride . Frieda • Purple Comet • Smudge • Insect Audience • Y5's Dad, Adventure Tim • Drawer Dresser Person • Uncle Gumbald | Gnome Ruler • Fire Archer • Adventure Time fanfic where Finn and Fern are normal teens like us but they have their "diferences" fortunatelly, thanks to this they become friends...or maybe something more than friends. Quilton • Hunny Bunny • Ron James • Sculpted Character - Fern "Adventure Time" - 3D model by FinEskimo (@FinEskimo) [9814ecf] GOLB was later defeated, but Fern was still disintegrating, nearly dead. Larvo • Giant Basket Transporter • In a match of arm-wrestling it is revealed that the green knight is Fern. Gata • Snow Golem, Ant • Kitten • Scorcher | In \"Two Swords,\" it is revealed that Fern was created when Finn accidentally broke the Finn Sword with the Grass Sword while fighting Bandit Princess, during \"I Am a Sword.\" Some time later a spider-octopus-like Grass Demon interacted with the small Finn inside the sword. Alias Randy • Mice Daughters • Cheryl • Gumball Guardian Mutant • Elise • In the far future, Shermy and Beth climbed the now massive tree that had sprouted from Fern's sapling, and pulled out the remade Finn Sword. Browse and download Minecraft Adventure Skins by the Planet Minecraft community. Blueberry Cops • Sacrificial Deer Creature • Two-Headed Duck • Stormo • Painting King • Sleepy Sam • Cosmic Head Devourer • Strong Insect Worker • Bellamy Bug • Fern killed it, ridding himself of its influence once and for all. Gray Goblin • Bella Noche | Fern then goes to the beach to see Finn set off and waves goodbye. Follow. Now fully redeemed Fern aids to fight off GOLB, but without the grass curse Fern is slowly deteriorating. Rat King • Cosmic Cloud People • In the first episode of the "Elements" miniseries "Skyhooks" where he has been transformed into Fun by the candy elemental powers causing Fern to become so happy that he doesn't have any problems about himself. Key Person • In the dream, Fern transformed into a bird/pterodactyl-like creature and flew away, while Finn decided to follow him after turning into a butterfly. Fern first appeared at the end of "Preboot" when Finn's Finn sword combined with his Grass sword and created Fern. Billybee • 1.8K 30 14. Cinnamon Bun's Dog • Beautiful Lady • Rated T but with a long period of time changed to M because there are some sensible stuff releated with teen life. Kartemon • The Fool | Flying Lettuce Brothers | Flame Lord • Mini Queen • Laser Wizard • Fern then went to the Tree House where he started to remember how he came into existence. Adventure Time has always emphasized a Buddhist-style philosophy of endless renewal; death leads to rebirth, chaos to order, ... Fern. Cuber • Gunter • Mini Elves • The Jiggler • Xergiok | Jay & Bonnie • The Raccoon • Kim Kil Whan • A fern is a member of a species of vascular plants that reproduce through spores and don't produce flowers or seeds. Gross | The Lich • Mrs. Goji Berry • Adventure Time Fern x Finn (Finncest) fluff fic YES WE ARE BACK AT IT AGAIN BOYS. Gummi Water Boy • Neddy • Ed • The Moon • Ghost Fly • Elder Plops • See-Thru Princess • 189 votes, 16 comments. Erin • Fern the HumanFernGrass FinnGrass GuyGrass KidFun the HumanGreen Knight Party Bug 1 • Other Fionna • King Huge | Magwood • Clock Face • In "Do No Harm," he alters his hand into a grass sword to slice grass monsters in half with single swift strokes. Swamp Giant • Grass Worm • Evil Cosmic Bat • Spear Bear • Alarm Cat • Bubble • Jake then gave Fern the idea of going to an "evil dungeon to smash. Fire Wolf Pup • Oculus of Rehabilitation • The Adventures Of Tintin Tv Logo - Adventures Of Tintin is a high-resolution transparent PNG image. Sue • Lifeguard • Pet Dog • Whipple • Finn then stopped the commotion by offering Fern a Finn cake. Cinnamon Bun • Squirrel • Origin Cactus Guy • He was about to kill Finn but was stopped by Gumbald. Chocoberry • Blue Snail • In "Seventeen," a mysterious green knight crashes Finn's birthday party. AMO • Some time later a spider-octopus-like Grass Demon interacted with the small Finn inside the sword. Mr. Cupcake • Adventure Time finally came to its conclusion on Monday, but executive producer Adam Muto said that the future of Ooo is there for fans to interpret.Warning! Two Bread Tom • Penny • Son of Peace Master Melissa • Evil Cosmic Worm • Fern doesn't understand much of what is considered right or wrong in a situation (such as when he suggested severing Sweet P's tendons to stop him from running), and is also considerably more aggressive and prone to violence than Finn, possibly due to the influence of the Grass Demon. Fern then took Jake to the Grassy Mountain where the Grassy Wizard lives. Tuber • Randy (flame person) • Baby Spider • Gentleman Spider • He usually has his right arm morphed into the shape of a blade. Bee • Fern's new body is much larger than his old one. Milk Ghost • Finn Mertens Unknown James Baxter • At an unknown period of time later, the interior of the sword was filled with green cobwebs and the cocoon appeared hardened. The Moon | Goliad | Sally • Cloud Dance • Strangely, despite being able to talk, Fern is unable to breathe, eat, or play the flute. Guy • Tiffany • Blastronaut • Finn was about to leave for his journey to the islands so he wanted Fern to fill in for him while he was gone. Being entirely composed of grass, he has the ability to change his appearance and shapeshift into any form he can think of in order to fight enemies. Ancient Sleeping Magi of Life Giving • Phlannel Boxingday • Hand Snow Golem • Jalapeño pepper • Fear Feaster • Gingerbread Rapper • Jake Jr. • That night, Finn and Jake planted the seedling together at what remained of their home. Leaf Man • Hole Frog • Horse (Sad Face) • Dancing Bug • His memories are those of Finn's, so he goes through somewhat of an identity crisis after it's pointed out to him he's not Finn.

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