You no longer pay for the Dartford Crossing at the barriers. If you have a blue badge but still pay road tax, you have to pay for the Dartford crossing too. The only way to legally avoid payment is to travel over the crossing between the hours of 10pm and 6am, when the Dart Charge doesn’t apply. Create a account. Or our pay as you go service allows you to register your vehicle and payment details so you can automatically pay Dart Charge each time you use the Crossing. You can get a fine if you’re late or don’t pay Dart Charge online or by telephone. You must pay for a crossing in advance or by midnight the day after crossing. The Dartford Crossing website does say when selecting auto-pay: 'Dart Charge accounts cannot be used to pay for crossings you have already made.' You can also use this service Set up an account You can also use this service. You can pay in advance or until midnight the following day. Pay Dart Charge online. How do you sort payment for the Dartford Crossing charge? It is free to use the crossing between 10pm and 6am. This’ll halve if you pay it within 28 days, but increase to £105 if you don’t pay. You can: pay … Ensure you pay by midnight the day after you cross. How to pay the dart charge: Set up a pre-pay account. The Dartford-Thurrock River Crossing, commonly known as the Dartford Crossing and until 1991 the Dartford Tunnel, is a major road crossing of the River Thames in England, carrying the A282 road between Dartford in Kent in the south and Thurrock in Essex in the north. Other ways to pay. Residents of Dartford and Thurrock can pay £20 a year to cross as many times as they like or pay £10 for 50 crossings, plus 20p for each extra crossing. One-off payments can be made in advance or by midnight the day after crossing. You’ll also have to pay the original fee. You can set up a pre-pay account and save up to a third on every crossing. What happens if you don’t pay it? Payment is required for each trip both northbound and southbound. Setting up a pre-pay account is the cheapest way to pay and you will receive a discount using this option. If you’ve already set up an account then, sign in to manage your Dart Charge UK account. If you use the Dartford Crossing and don’t pay the Dart Charge, you’ll be liable for a £70 penalty charge sent to the address your vehicle is registered to. Start now If you’ve already set up an account, sign in to manage your account or pay the Dartford Crossing. This’ll halve if you pay it within 28 days, but increase to £105 if you don’t pay. You confirm that all information you give to us is true and correct to the best of your knowledge. This you will most probably do at Dartford Crossing, which is a combination of a tunnel online at Pay the Dartford Crossing charge (Dart Charge)

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